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World of Warcraft - relaxed vision...

...or the way I like to play.

Gringind is even more fun

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

As I was telling you in my previous post, I`ll continue to describe the last 3 Outland grinding zones:
Blade`s Edge Mountains :
Bladespire Hold , with ogres ranging 65-67 level, Bladespire Brute, Bladespire Cook, and Bladespire Shamans, they give a variable amount of silver and a lot of (1-3) Netherweave Cloth and ocassionaly Super Mana Potion and Super Healing Potion. Here there are also Bladespire Raptor, very good for skinning Knothide Leather.
Bloodmaul Camp just south of Sylvanaar, ogres ranging from 65-67, Bloodmaul Brutes, Bloodmaul Brewmasters, Bloodmaul Shamans, all have a small chance (08-1.5%) to drop Super Mana Potions and Super Healing Potions as well. Here there are also Bloodmaul Dire Wolves, if you have skinning as profession .
Razaan`s Landing, good spot here too, humanoids ranging 67-68 level , Razaani Nexus Stalker and Razaani Raiders. They drop also Netherweave Cloth and small chance of mana and healing potions.
Here, the greatest zones of grinding are the manaforges : B`naar, Coruu, Duro and Ara, sorrounded by humanoids Sunfury Researchers, Sunfury Arcanists, Sunfury Guardsman, etc. Same as before, they drop Netherweave and small chance of mana and healing potions but in addition, all have a small chance for dropping Arcane Tome as well, for Scryers. A particular note for enchanters looking for Formula : Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect, it has a very small drop rate (Wowhead rate it at 0.4) and is dropped by Sunfury Researchers, best place I found is close to Manaforge Coruu.
Another grinding spots are the Forge Bases, Oblivion and Gehenna, with demons ranging 68-69, they drop Mark of Sargeras and a small chance for Fel Armament, good for Aldors.
Shadowmoon Valley
Here I found a good grinding spot at Legion Hold, demons ranging level 69-70, Terrormasters, Wrathwalkers and Mo`arg Weaponsmith, all have a chance to drop Marks of Sargeras and nice amount of silver, a lot of Neatherweave Cloth, ocassionaly some blues also.
Eclipse Point , humanoids Eclipsion Archmages, Bloodwarden, Centurions etc all have a small chance to drop Arcane Tome, again useful for Scryers, beside the usual Netherweave Cloth and ocasionally mana and healing potions. Also special note for Alchemist, they have a very small chance to drop Recipe: Fel Mana Potion.
At Coilskar Cistern you will find Coilskar Cobras, inside the cave, which drops Cobra Scales needed by Leatherworkers to make higher end items or of course to sell them, value is around 20-25g, good enough drop rate according to Wowhead (10%).
Good luck !
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Grinding is fun

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

When I grind with my hunter (and yes, this can be fun, you can listen some music and don`t really pay attention to what`s going on . I need the zone to be not too crowded, monster to be placed at a convenient distance one by another and not too many wondering patrols. So here we are :
Hellfire Peninsula :
South-east of the Dark Portal : Demons (level 58-59)
Expedition Armory : Undead soldiers (level 59-60)
Zangarmarsh :
The 3 Naga Camps from east of Marshlight Lake (Humanoid level 63-64), Southwest of Umbrafen Lake (Humanoid level 61-63) and East of Serpent Lake (Humanoid-doh level 61-62)
Terokkar Forest :
The 3 Arkkoa camps from Veill Reskk and Shienar, Veil Skith and Veil Shalas, with Humanoids ranging from 62-63 for the first to 63-65 for the last zone. I grind here for Arakkoa Feathers, used for More Feathers and The Outcast's Plight. Nice drops.
Another good grinding spot in this zone is Firewing Point, with Belfs ranging levels of 63-64, easy to kill and good drops also
Nagrand: the hunter`s paradise
Burning Blade Ruins - 64-65 Ogres, Crushers and Mystics, nothing else hard or special here
North and below Halaa, 64-66 Ogres, I mostly grind here for Obsidian Warbeads , because it`s a somehow hidden and therefore not crowded zone, but also good drops and gold. Killing the ogres also increase reputation with Kurenai and drop Obsidian Warbeads, for Consortium Reputation.
Kil`Sorrow Fortress - nice spot here, kind of crowded with wondering patrols but nothing too hard, 65-66 Humanoids, good farming spot for Aldor because of
Mark of Kil'jaeden drops here.
Later , the rest of zones. Good luck !
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What`s a hunter w/o a pet

Monday, September 3, 2007

One of my WoW characters is a hunter, a Nelf female, medium/low equiped, wich I leveled initialy just for fun and to see how fast I can go, somehow frustrated with my previously leveled character, a rogue. I say frustrated because I used to play it on a jerky laptop, with jerky graphics, etc, you know the story every laptop player would tell you. Anyway, long story short, I found myself in the need to learn new skills for my pet, how to train them to it and so on. I found this site and ever since, I keep recommending it to everyone in my guild or casual who ask me info`s about their pets. Check it out, it`s a tremendous source of knowledge.
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Let the cash flow

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vivendi, the media giant that owns the rights to publish Blizzard`s and Valve`s titles, registered a huge increase in revenue compared to last year; their profit for the first half of 2007 was over $10 billion, that's a 6.4% rise and it`s has been mainly contributed to by the WoW expansion: The Burning Crusade sales, which saw a 91.9% rise in revenue compared to the same time last year.
I am sure that nobody wonders why they are so eager to get the next expansion out! And I`m pretty sure that the new one will be at least as succesful as the last one, WoWBC, based on what info`s have leaked to the public.

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Succeding the king

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